Virtual Fitting Room

We all know that shopping for clothes online is not just the same as going to a store and trying things on. Other women like you also have the same questions: How do you know whether all the shop's sizes will be the same? But most importantly, how can you know that the clothes will look the same on you and as they do on the fashion model?

The Magic of Chic has answers for you. With the help of our Size Advisor and Virtual Mirror, you will get your personal virtual shopping assistants while shopping in our online store. On our site the option of "First try, then buy” makes the dream of every online shopper finally come true. We provide you with the online equivalent of the in-store fitting room where you can try on clothes to virtually check one size, fit or style.

Our commitment to you is to make your shopping experience as convenient as possible, so we offer you a way to finally enjoy shopping online with confidence. Using just a few simple measurements, our Size Advisor can assist you with finding your best size. Our Virtual Mirror gives you a chance to experiment with new looks relaxed in the privacy of your home.

Virtual Fitting Room in few simple steps:

  • Select the correct size with help of the Size Advisor
  • Upload a photo of yourself in under 30 seconds 
  • Try on clothes via Virtual Mirror 
  • Buy clothes with confidence knowing how they look and fit

Size Advisor

Selecting the correct size online is not always easy. We understand this challenge and offer you a way to instantly get your personal size recommendation with the help of our Size Advisor.

The Size Advisor is simple to use, accurate and insightful. It not only selects the best size for you but also shows you how the selected style will fit you in your key body areas (bust, torso, hips, and height). You will also have the option to switch between different sizes.

The Size Advisor calculates the perfect fit based on your unique measurements. You can create your Size Advisor profile in under a minute and then shop with confidence forever across all devices. All you need to provide is your height, weight, age, and a bra size. After you create your personal profile, the Size Advisor will provide you with the recommended size and suggestions on how the garment will fit you compared to the designer's intended fit.

Virtual Mirror

    "Virtual Mirror" technology that we use in our online Virtual Fitting Room provides you the ability to see yourself wearing a new dress in a virtual online mirror. This online application allows you to try out clothing using your photos or photos of our models. It's a way to have fun while shopping online and buy with confidence as you do in a boutique or a department store.

    Simply browse the products in our online store and each dress will appear in our models' photo or in your photo (you just need to upload it).
    Note: For best results, we suggest that you upload a picture of you wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Do not try on a virtual dress on a photo of you wearing another dress – it will not fit correctly.