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Size Advisor

  • Q: What is the Size Advisor?
  • A: The Size Advisor is simple, elegant and effective fit information and size recommendation.
  • Q: How does it work?
  • A: First, we ask you to provide some simple information about yourself. Second, to help us make an accurate recommendation, we will also ask you about some specific details of your body (belly & hips shape).
    After this, our software does some smart calculations involving your measurements, your fit preferences, the dimension of the garments you're looking at, and even what we know about the fit preferences of people with similar measurements to you.
  • Q: What recommendation do I see?
  • A: The Size Advisor recommends the right size for any particular garment you are looking at. If you want to choose a different size, you will have the option to switch between sizes and see how other sizes will fit you.
  • Q: Why do I need to provide my age?
  • A: We need it for one simple reason – to provide you with the best recommendation possible. Age can have an effect on some proportions. As you are well aware – our bodies change with age and our software does all necessary adjustments to recommend the right fit to you.
  • Q: Why do you need my bra size?
  • A: Your bra size is used to calculate your bust circumference.


Can I buy multiple items to try, and return the dislike ones?

No. All the dresses (except some in-stock items) are Made-To-Order. Whether you choose a standard size or custom measurements, our dressmakers craft each dress to order.

Will my dress look the same as it does in the pictures?

Yes. But if you order a “Made-To-Order” dress it will be sewn to fit your body type. The quality of the fabric and the quality of seamstresses’ work will be the same.