Fitted Dresses

Most of our dresses on the site are offered in sizing options from 0 to 12 (US sizes). We also offer a "Custom Size" option where you can select your measurements. We understand that sometimes choosing a size online or using an online sizing chart does not correspond exactly to your measurements. Using the "Custom Size," we'll ensure your dress is a perfect fit.

Important: Most, but not all, dresses offered on our site can be customized. Our "Custom Size" options, "Fit Me" alterations, and "Made-to-Order" program availabilities vary for different collections and designers.

The dress you order will be made with the same materials and in the same facility as the ones worn by models in our pictures.

Made to your measurements dresses

Q: What is the difference between "Custom Size" and "Custom Fitting"?
A: Some dresses may be made with custom sizing if you send us your measurements. If you live in Orlando, Florida or are willing to travel to meet with our seamstress, we can meet you in person to measure and adjust the garment. These measurements and adjustments are called custom fitting. 

Q: What is "Fit Me" service?
A: "Fit Me" is a complimentary service provided with your purchase when you need small adjustments to the dress to make it fit you better. Custom alterations under "Fit Me" service are small adjustments to the dress (letting in not more than 1 inch) and only for one size down (for example, we can do custom alterations only from size 8 to size 6).

Q: Do you offer custom made dresses?
A: When a bigger size is not available in stock, we can only offer a "Made-to-Order" dress for an extra fee of $75.00. The largest size for "Made-to-Order" dress is 16 (US size). If alterations under "Fit Me" service are not possible based on the measurements you submitted to us, we will inform you via email and provide two options: cancel your order for a full refund or change it to "Made-to-Order" dress and pay an extra $75.00 fee for this service.

You cannot return a "Made-to-Order" dress or altered to fit you dress if you don't like the style. We provide you with multiple images of a dress, including images of details and decoration. Note: If you are unsure of what style will suit you best, we recommend going dress shopping in your local department store and trying different styles to see what style fits you best and what you feel more comfortable in. We also provide a complimentary style advice service from our virtual stylists who are ready to guide you through a style selection. Need assistance? Reserve an appointment with our stylists now.

Submit Measurements Online

Our online form located on each product page to make submitting your measurements easy and fast. You may also call us directly at +1.866.707.CHIC (2442) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One of our stylists will be able to confirm the style number, size and color of your dress before ordering.

If you live in Orlando, Florida you are welcome to schedule an appointment with one of our seamstress to take your measurements. There is a good chance that you will be able to try on a stock dress (or similar styles in your size), which gives a good idea of how the dress would fit you.

If you live out of town, we always recommend that you have your measurements taken by a seamstress near you. This ensures that the fit of the dress will be as accurate as possible.

We try very hard to ensure that you have the best fit possible for your dress. When choosing a size, your bust, waist and hips may not always fit perfectly into a dress. After looking at the construction of the dress and your measurements, we can recommend the best size. It is always easier (and usually less expensive) to take in fabric than to let it out.

Sizing Charts

We want the items you choose to fit correctly and we want to make sure your expectations are set appropriately. Sizing Charts are available on individual product pages. Sizing measurements provided are a range for the person who will be wearing the dress, NOT the measurements of the dress itself.

Manufacturers have their own sizing charts, which will be indicated on the individual product page. If there are different sizes available, you will see the available size options on each product page. While dress sizes are provided in US sizes, the sizes for most of formal garments for women tend to run small. For your reference, our size charts have an International Sizes Conversion Table.

Please note that sizing information is provided to us by the manufacturers. While this information is assumed to be accurate, we cannot be responsible for variations or inaccuracies in the information provided to us. To assist you in finding a dress that fits you best, we provide Size Advisor – an online application specially designed to do your fit analytics.

The sizing of some items may fall outside general sizing guidelines. If that is the case, it should be reflected in the product description of each individual product. Remember to look for the "Sizing Chart" link with each item. Please refer to the individual product page for actual available sizes and for our stylists’ recommendations. If you are tall or full-figured, or if you are in doubt between two sizes, it's usually best to order the larger size for a more comfortable fit.

Please note that while the sizing information provided by the manufacturer is generally accurate for the measurements indicated, a formal event dress/gown will rarely fit every person perfectly. Therefore, in some cases, small alterations may be required. For your convenience, we offer a complimentary alteration "Fit Me" service – small adjustments to your garment based on your measurements. We also can make "Made-to-Order" dresses. You just need to select one of our styles and provide your measurements.

How To Read our Size Charts

When choosing a size, your bust, waist and hip may not always fit perfectly into a dress. We look at the construction of the dress along with your measurements so we can recommend you the best size.

Example Measurements:
Bust: 36 inches fits a size 8
Waist: 30.5 fits a size 10
Hip: 40 fits a size 10

Since the largest measurement is a size 10, we would recommend that size. We also offer you help via our Size Advisor – a fit analytics application integrated with our online store. The Size Advisor calculates the perfect fit based on your unique measurements. Size Advisor is conveniently located on the product page and can be found under "What Size Fits Me" link.

Keep it mind that most formal wear dress sizes are not true to normal clothes. It is common that your dress size may be a larger size than you are accustomed to. This is completely normal.

Don't see the size you need? Consider getting a "Made-to-Order" dress. You may also be interested in our "Fit Me" program – a complimentary service provided when you need small adjustments to the dress to make it fit you better.

Issues with quality and size

All orders are processed based on the information (size, measurements, color, style) that you provide at the time of your purchase. Before shipping items to you, we inspect every item to ascertain its quality and make sure that all accessories are included (when applicable).

We can only accept a return if there are obvious quality problems (color excluded). By "obvious quality problems" we mean that we did not follow your customization requirements. For any issues with size deviation, you will be required to provide pictures and measurements as proof of error.

As a reference on our site, we provide you with measurements guides for your convenience.. Important: we require accurate measurements, which can only be fulfilled by an experienced seamstress. For this reason, for custom-size dresses ("Made-to-Order") or for "Fit Me" alterations of our ready-to-wear dresses, we strongly encourage you to see a professional seamstress prior to placing an order with us.